Pizza Kit Video Tutorials

Hey pizza lovers!

Check out our video tutorials below from chef Joe on both our traditional oven method and our frying pan method (worth a try if you haven't used this method before!).

You'll also find a quick video on how we recommend cooking up the Nancy Silverton guest chef special!


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If your dough has risen too much you’ll just have to knock it back a little, to do so please follow the steps below.

1) Leave your dough in the plastic pot it rose in.

2) Make a fist with your hand and push it firmly into the centre of the dough ball.

3) Fold the edges of the dough into the centre to form a ball.

4) Remove the ball from the plastic container.


How to freeze your pizza kit:

1) Oil the ball of dough (this will help you remove it from the freezer bag when thawed). You can lightly coat it with olive oil or spray it with oil or baking spray.

2) Place it in a freezer bag or two layers of plastic wrap. Store your pizza dough in the freezer until you need it. It will keep indefinitely but is best used within a month.

3) Toppings can be frozen as normal.