Orders & Delivery:



What time will my order be delivered?



All deliveries will be delivered before 6pm on your chosen delivery day. You will be notified of a delivery window in advance of the delivery.






When do I need to order by for next day delivery?



You need to order by 10am for next day delivery. We know this is earlier than usual, but our chefs need time to freshly prepare your orders once we receive them.






Is it true I can ship to multiple addresses in the same order?



It is indeed. We had lots of request from generous friends, family members and colleagues who wanted to send a tasty treat to their friends, so we set up Multi-ship. At check-out you will see an option to select Ship to multiple addressesand add in the addresses against different products.






How do I amend my order?



As we are working with fresh food, we arent always able to change orders but please contact our team on orders@passotogo.com as soon as possible and we will do what we can to help you. 












What can I order that is gluten free?



We are working to expend our Gluten Free offering. At the moment our Gnocchi pasta is GF along with all the pasta sauces.






Do you have vegan options?



Yes, you have the option to select vegan cheese on our Margherita Build Your Own and Grilled Artichoke & Roasted Potato pizza kits.






Where can I find the nutritional information?



We are working on full and detailed nutritional information but for now we have included details around allergens. For anything specific, please contact us on orders@passotogo.com.


Referral Programme:

How does it work?


If you've enjoyed Passo To Go, we'd love you to help us spread to word. In the bottom right hand corner of of website you'll see a 'Passo Credits' icon. When you click into it you'll see the option to Sign Up or Sign In. Once logged into your account this same pop-up will generate a unique referral link, which you can forward on to your friends and family by copying it and pasting into a WhatsApp, Text, Email or Facebook or Twitter. 


Once your friend has completed an order on our website you will receive an email with a £5 off discount code, which you can use when you next shop on Passo To Go. 


Can I build my credits?

Sadly not, we don't offer the option to build your credits, so you will need to use each £5 off discount on a different Passo To Go order.